Old Goa is known as the spiritual heart of Portuguese Goa. It receives a steady flow of tourists but not too many to spoil this beautiful peaceful churchlined town. Occasionally you might be lucky enough to see a great pilgrimage to the tomb of St Francis Xavier in the Bailica of Bom Jesus. The cathedral was built in the first quarter of the 17th century. Be sure to take up the offer of a guided tour of the cathedral. For only a few rupees the guide will give you a detailed tour of this fasinating place.


The temple is a modern piece of architecture blended with traditional Hindu patterns. The entrance to the temple bears an image which wards off everything impure from the inner precincts of the temple and maintains its sanctity. In front of the entrance, slightly to the north stands the Deepa Stambha, the column of lights. There is no record of when this was built but judging by the construction it might have been during the first half of the 18th century. It is the tallest and most imposing column in Goa and looks beautiful on festival nights when lit with traditional oil lamps. Make sure you venture inside, you will be most welcome. Don't forget to take your shoes off first and leave them at the door


Called Panjim by the Portuguese, Panaji, which means "the land that does not flood", is the capital of Goa. Unlike many capital cities, Panjim has a distinct unhurried character. Panjim is built around a church facing a prominent square. The town has beautiful Baroque style buildings and enchanting old villas. Walk around the town in the cobbled alleys to see quaint old taverns and cafes with lots of atmosphere and practically no tourists.


If you've never been to the Saturday night market, you're in for a treat. – imagine being surrounded by colourful people, beautiful fabrics, unique fashion and jewellery, delicious food, music and lots of fun!
Over the years the Saturday night market, whose roots lie in the first hippie flea markets that began in Anjuna in the 1960's, has evolved into a vibrant entity. Here you will find many creative people from all over the world offering products such as hand-made leather sandals and magic crystal wands. You can also get a tarot card reading, enjoy a massage, get your hair styled and buy organic products from the many holistic stalls.
All this takes place around the central bazaar stage where all kinds of performers come to entertain. Local musicians, budding talents, belly dancers, comedians, fire jugglers, clowns, classical Indian dancers and international stars have all graced the stage.