• Goan Taxi Service

    We are a fully licenced and insured taxi company offering an excellent competitively priced service in North Goa. Our aim is to ensure you have a chauffeur driven taxi service so you are free to sit back and enjoy your holiday knowing you are travelling in a tourist approved vehicle without the hassle of bargaining every day or being taken to places you do not want to go to Read More..

  • Taxi Hire

    We offer a taxi service that is fully authorised and has been approved by the Goan Tourist Board. All our drivers have a taxi driver licence and know all the roads well. We offer fixed day rates so you can enjoy your day out whilst your driver looks after the vehicle and any items you may wish to leave in the vehicle whilst you are on the beach, sightseeing or stopping for lunch and a refreshing drink. It is just like having your own hire car but the driving is done for you allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday in Goa. Read More..

  • Bike Hire

    When hiring a bike in Goa its best to make sure its has been approved by the Goan Tourist Board. All tourist registered vehicle have a special yellow number plate. If or when you are stopped by the police on a local bike as a tourist you are liable to fined for incorrect bike and documents. Read More..

  • Places To Visit

    There are many great places in North Goa to visit. We have put together some of these places that we and are customers have enjoyed. We hope you find them of interest too. Read More..

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Note: If you require a taxi within the next 72 Hours please contact Viraj at our office in Goa +91 9822383045

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